Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting the Year 2014 with a Small Bang

So this blog is new and I am going to use it in a new way--for me:

 1. I plan to post about once each month.

 2. I plan to express my opinions about doing plain language writing, editing, consulting, training, and promotion.

 3. I will try to answer polite questions that are posted in comments or sent to email at cherylstephens .com  but I will probably not even respond to those who want to correct my spelling, punctuation, grammar, or diction.

 I already share resources and research by other people over at LinkedIn where I have 1 main group, Plain Language Advocates. There are a few subgroups for now but most discussion takes place in the main group. I'll let you know here about any hot topics over on LinkedIn.

 There and on Twitter, I curate information to save other people the time they would need to spend sifting out the chaff to get to the wheat germ. Some of the posts that I like on Twitter appear in my weekly newsletter of relevant tweets called Plain Language Wizardry. The index to that newsletter will always appear at the bottom of this blog page once the first 2014 issue is published.

1 comment:

  1. Ms. Stephens:
    It's high time for a blog like this one. I, too, am an attorney and proponent of Plain Language, and sworn enemy of Legalese.

    I look forward to your offerings.

    Paul E. Wojcicki
    Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney, Ltd., Chicago